- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« In it for life »
Sick Puppies

There’s a time when we try
To begin what is ending
If at first you don’t succeed
Then we just end up pretending
If the dream isn’t real
Is the lie worth defending?
Close your eyes, cover your ears
Shut your mouth


You can act naive
But I know you’re not stupid


You’ll wake up when I walk out
Isn’t that the way it plays?
The leaver leaves, the stayer stays
You wouldn’t make a move, so I made mine
Isn’t it a pity?
I wish you were really in it for life
I wish that you were in it for life

Verse 2

What you give is what you get
And what you got’s now next to nothing
’Cause the life that you’ve accepted
Is the one that’s least disruptive
Are you aware of the fact
That when I pull, there’s no pulling back
You have half the mind, half the heart
Half the will


Some people talk like they can’t hear
Some people walk but get nowhere
And when I’m done with the run I’m going on
I’m sure I’ll be
Your biggest regret
You’ll never forget


Yea you can run, but you can’t hide
Cause everything you’re running from
Is locked inside
So let it the fuck out!