- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Inferior divinity »
Severe Torture

For many years I tried to stop the suffering
But I must kill
I never thought this hat inside would be so real
This hell I feel
Trying to fill my mind with false prophecies
I wont believe
Taking the lives of those who say I must kneel
Now bow for me

I have no master, I praise no god
No hope left for the lives I’m taking
I have no mercy, I know no fear
Indulging on a fresh cadaver
I abjure the bible, I feast on blood
My need for death is everlasting
I will hang them upon a cross
Like jesus they will bleed forever

For many years I tried to withhold my anger
But I cannot succeed
There will be no time to ask
Why this is happening
Pent up rage unleashed revengeful

Come feel the torture, come feel the pain
Its time to say your final prayer
To a nameless father, to a nameless god
Admit there will be no redemption
I wont surrender, i wont be weak
I will only be terrifying
Leave your holy father, leave your holy god
Together they will be forgotten

Defied, persuaded to destroy
Reprobation of a life lived under god
Brutalized, killing the slaves of christ
There is no heaven for those i despise