- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Justifiable fisticuffs »
Street Dogs

We’ve passed the point of argument, the tension fills the air
I try to mediate diplomatically, but you don’t even care
It’s time to put them up and throw them down
Take this squabble round to round
Have a row, time to throw, can’t see nothing but red

High time for the justifiable fisticuffs
No more debate games, justifiable fisticuffs
Justifiable fisticuffs, you’ve got to know when enough’s enough
When it’s viable, call their bluff, we need to get it out!

The battle starts, the two engage
Toe to toe, they vent their rage
Hooks from here, leads go there, the battle now ensues
But they could be more, another fight
Passions flare and skin grows tight
Thank the lord there are two more bouts on the undercard tonight

The boxing stops, the fight concludes
Blows were tossed and insults cued
It’s all over, it’s all through, the judges make the call
Card to card, point to point, the judges make no sense at all
Malay starts, the crowd goes nuts
A donnybrook has come

We’ve had enough, we’ve called your bluff
We’ve had enough, we’ve really had enough