- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Last exit »

forgotten hours fall away from time
minute by minute his hope disappears in red wine
he falls from heaven, anger burns his grace
oh help him, mercy, he can´t find a way out of this maze
wrath is growing in a garden of despair
in a land of hopelessness no one cares
it’s raining flashes when his anger cries
he’s fighting until he dies
blaming his god, for a cure it’s too late,
despair was the father of hate
pain and tears are the home of the hateful
prisoned in the pain of the fallen
i loose illusion about humanity
we´re gods and demons of our trivial insanity
the curse of dullness makes him ill
in times of sins and sorrow
hate is a reason to kill
he walks his way, too blind to see
punishes all the sinners and falls dead on his knees
it’s growing wrath in his mind
later you’ll say there were signs
his angry voice cries in fear
he walks his last way with a smile
he speaks his last words like a prayer