- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Live 2 die »

(Will I live tomorrow?)
Human race is up for grabs
(Will I live tomorrow?)
Who cares if it ain’t your own
(Will I live tomorrow?)
Nothing to love nor feel
(Will I live tomorrow?)
Hangin’ on a live wire

(Who do we follow?)
Communication out of reach
(Who do we follow?)
To many fat me living of me
(Who do we follow?)
Living in a glass house, in lies
(Who do we follow?)

How will I know I’ll live tomorrow
Living in this heart of sorrow
Every night I pray for vision
But I know I live, I live to die

(Will I live tomorrow?)
You think your so damn brave
(Will I live tomorrow?)
A foot in your mouth, digging your grave
(Will I live tomorrow?)
This shoe doesn’t fit my size

The world around me spins so cold, so cold
Should I pack my bags in case
If heaven lies in the wings of fate
Here I stand named man
Stripped me down wit my pride at hand

Oh, it’s such a shame
The truth is lies
and they’re all the same

Very well, sit alone in your electric chair
I won’t stand by you
And watch you drown in your world

Ice cold people runnin’ in mid stream
They’re drawing a picture it’s not what it seems
Oh I can see right through them, it’s so clear
It’s building up the pressure in between my ears