- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Martyrs »
Betraying The Martyrs

Betrayal, they suffered, they’re suffering now, blood spills bones break, what is it for?
Whole lives spent to save us all for mankind to repay the favour with a spit in the face.

The eyes of the martyrs, the eyes of God himself are in the ground amongst the flowing blood we have reduced from this earth.

Too many screams have been heard (what did they suffer for?)
Too many lives have been lost (they shall suffer no more)
They rise above, consume and cleanse.
On this day, we will scream for them.

Step back, look at what we’ve done.
The tears of martyrs, will fall and drown,
Drown a thousand with a burning rage,
This world will become an inferno.



We will scream for them!

We die now, for the sake of them. Our tears will fall, our cries shall be heard.
We are the martyrs our cries shall be heard

What is it for? Nothing.

Step back look what we have done.