- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Modern day labor anthem »
Street Dogs

Some people will go for years, without ever finding their place
Not us we are the lucky ones, for we know who we truly are
Not privy to abstract thinking, reality’s a trusted friend
Not giving in to idealism, we’ll stay real ’til the end


I don’t ascribe to things, being tougher these days than the days before
People have been getting by for years, on mental toughness and the grit

Hey we’re just workers, confident and realistic, we know where we stand
Hey we’re just workers, not going crazy over events or current trends
Staying focussed on our duties, and good times ’til the end

Don’t have any axes to grind, or agendas to seek
Accepted our place in life, got comfort in being meek
Don’t have any axes to grind, any words to search
A total comfort in where and who we are since our birth

Today’s organized worker is an endangered species.
For corporate terrorism is cloaked in the guise of fiscal downsizing
amidst a company recording huge profits. For today’s worker, fair
and humane treatment with adequate wages are now just old
memories, nailed into an outdated history book. Which doesn’t help
the current masses of mistreated workers, who are unable to
organize because of fear of reprisals, from profit hungry greedsters
ala Gordy Gecko. How do these CEO thugs and mobsters in good
conscience export American jobs day after day?
How much is enough?
Or to these robber barons is there such a thing or a concept of enough?
How many cars do you need?
How many boats?
How many houses?
How many financed mistresses?
How do you look in the mirror?
How can you sleep at night?
Well just remember this, all that you self-righteously stand for...