- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Moon »

As if the lukewarm hands of the gods came down
and gently picked my adrenaline glands
they placed them in their mouths
and rinsed all of the fear out
nourished them with their saliva

now i’m all rested

as if the healthiest past-time
is being in life-threatening circumstances
and once again be reborn
all birthed and happy
i’m all birthed and happy
all birthed and happy

best way to start a new moon is to fail miserably
fail at loving
fail at giving
fail at creating
and realize the whole (?)
and kick into the start
and kick into the start

to risk all is the end of all
but the beginning of all
(to risk all)
to risk it
(is the end of all)
is the beginning of all
(the beginning of all)