- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« My girl »

Hey yo Trick
How you gone come up with another man
This is what they are lookin for
Uh.........Red zone
First verse

She want it all
And I ain’t mad at that
She likes to floss
And watch my money stack
In and out the mall
Running into every store
She likes to ball
I can not believe she wants more

She be wanting
Say she loves me
Know she frontin
My girl

She got a hold on me (my girl)
Like you ain’t never seen (my girl)
I give her what she wants
She gives me what I need (my girl)
She always
Be in my pocket
I don’t care cause she is my girl
Cause I can’t let her go

Can’t let her go
Her body’s callin me
Don’t care who knows
Cause she is apart of me
I’m so caught up
I know she is wrong for me
She is what I want
And dats enough for me

She be wanting
Say she loves me
Know she frontin

{au Refrain}

I can’t let her go

Hold it down
Now 16
Holding it down
With Hova’ gun
Tell dem pass the crown
Yo back again
With this red croom sound
Pandemonium in every single town
What sold out shows unstoppable flows
The best of my day
Watch me do it my way
The youngest boys that will never be forgotten
And when it comes to blowing up
Man it already happen
Got your hands up
Keeping your body rockin
The way Fizz is going
Ain’t no telling when I’m stoppin
A faced love
By every single kid
Its your neighbor bad boy me Lil’ Fizz

{au Refrain}