- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Never ever »

She’s looking like she might’ve
felt all this before
yeah like shes seen
all of these sings
i’ll understand if she can’t
do this anymore
she’ll understand iff

I stay blind, you know
because i never ever
wanna look around
out of my sight and i’ll be
out of town...

she asks me "look, how could
this all be so simple?"
"simplicity is in your mind."

I’ll understand if she just
walks right out that door,
i keep my love on the inside
because i never ever
want to slow down
i’ve got no moss and she’s got
no hope now
somentimes i wonder
what is all this running for
you know the thought’s
crossed my mind
but then i out my feet
right back down on earth
and this word spins
one more time