- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Never give in »

What? No!
You’re gonna listen
What? No!
Or we’ll go ballistic

We’re gonna tear it down
We’re gonna start right from the ground
There’s no more lies
No more fucking around
No holding back
There’s no holding me down
We’re gonna rip apart this conspiracy
Destroy create humanity
’cause you aint ever gonna make a slave out of me
I’ll fight and die to be free c’mon

Never give up, never give in, never quit
I won’t be broken
Never give up, never give in, life is short
I’m here to win

Leave me alone, don’t wanna hear your lies
Don’t understand or sympathize
Cause all this time you’ve pushed me way too far
You’ve taken everything but you can’t take
Who we are

It’s time we face the truth
We’re gonna live and die, there’s no excuse
Defend your honor, no time to choose
It’s my fist your face your neck my noose
I’m gonna live and die with my dignity
Take control of my destiny
’cause there’s no escaping this reality
I’ll fight and die to be free c’mon

All my life you pushed me way too far
I just can’t take it, can’t take it anymore

Live and die, die live your dignity
Take control and choose your destiny