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Les paroles de la chanson
« Nobody better »
Bonnie Tyler

I guess that you could say experience is mine
It’s the only way to know where to draw the line
On what you really want and what you feel ain’t good enough

And when I get something good I never let it go
And you’re the one I want, I got to let you know
You got it all, no one could ask for more
Nobody can have me like you do
Nobody can touch me like you do
When if comes to love there’s nobody better than you

It’s not the way you move
It’s not the way you talk
It’s not the way you look
Or the way you walk
It’s something in you eyes
That makes me feel satisfied

And when you came into my life
You set my heart on fire
And if I said I’d loved before
You know I’d be a liar


I can’t get enough
I must confess
I can’t believe my luck
And I know it’s gonna last