- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Our demise »
Stick To Your Guns

Half truths and whole lies
Simple words cant justify another lie
Another dies and another mother left to cry..
Another night another thousand lives
When will we realize war will be our demise
So unfortunate we cant sacrifice our pride..
Now a land being filled
With the innocent blood we spilled..
What is left to say
When the martyrs are left to their graves
No real understanding of what it is they’re dying for..
Freedoms price seems too much to pay
Freedom for you and for me?..
Freedom from this awful tyranny
Consequently a choice has been made
We’ve paid in full
Now we must accept this rising death toll..
Relative truth has set a barrier down..
It seems that our hate is our only common ground..
With words we make sound
But no real progress made in this escapade..
Cultures set worlds apart,
This has failed from the start our lack of understanding
And respect for those who would choose right to be left..
Our placement has left them faithless a faith only we could break..
How could we expect them to see eye to eye
When we have them face down on their knees