- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Part of me »
Stick To Your Guns

The least that you can do is wipe off your shoes
Before you give yourself another boost
I’ll never stoop that low because i know
That this is just a game to you
You’re all for show
It’s so hard to think of anyone else,
When you’re too busy thinking about yourself
You’ve mastered the art of giving up and i’ve had enough,
I’m giving up on us
So i’ll cut my losses, no more being cautious,
I’d rather lose it all than ever become thoughtless
It’s so hard to think about anyone else,
When you’re to busy thinking about yourself
A person can only take so much and
I feel like i’m loosing touch.
So for your sake and everyone around us,
I suggest that you back up
I can’t believe you try to cheapen every thing i have achieved
I still stand for everything
That i always believed was the biggest part of me. part of me
So here we go, you keep trying to pull me back down to zero,
But at the end of the day i know i fought hard for everything,
So do your worst
I can take anything