- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Party war »

Today my mum is pleased
coz I leave home
I found my way
I’m gonna kick some ass at war
I’ve put my helmet on
I’ve cocked my gun
No more time to kill,
I’m gonna
make it for real

With my hands
on the trigger
I’m a happy fucker
Oh oh oh
Hey dude, let’s party
Oh oh oh yeah
Now let’s kill baby

Sex is cool
Party is fun
But nothing is better than
holdin a gun

And if I die at the heart of the
Go on the party n war

Since the day I heard
that melody,
it comes into my mind
n still makes me feel so high
Good Vibrations
of machine guns
It gives me excitations
When my buddies n me
are in the action
How much I get wild
when the bullets ride