- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Pi ah noh [piano] »
The Hong Kong Knife

Love is telling me to forget about it now
Its saying that its no use holding on..
It says that as time goes by
It’ll be easier, so just to forget about it..
Says that there will be longer days
When it will have my heart.
It says not to cry because of it anymore
Love never saw me at this kind of stage
So it couldnt even tell me to leave

*Cant you just watch over my love?
Even if it is painful, I still love you
Even if my life is forever like this
I will always pray for you..

I can probably hate you
As much as it hurts, as much as I love you
Sometimes I want to be unhappy
Because I keep thinking of you and I want to erase you.

repeat *

Im too far to forget about my love
Dont tell me that it wont work out, to forget
You leave to follow that person
that the heavens chose for you
But I still want to look up to you
Even if I remain as the worse of the people in this world
I love you more than anybody