- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Pride »
Kevin Parent

You go your way, find your own path. No more promises, no more contracts. I’ll make my own rules fueled by my gut. Share my ideas, choose my own cuts.

’Cause I’m wasting my life, waiting my turn. My life in your hands is completely absurd. So take a deep breath.

Don’t take it so hard, don’t cave in on me. We’ve made it this far, we just have different dreams. You taught me so much, it was a hell of a ride. Let’s make a clean cut. Let admit it was pride

You may say I’m weak, fragile to heat. What difference is it to you, if I’m cut you won’t bleed. The time have come, to leave the womb. The shell is cracked and I’m starting to bloom.

Watch me leap, then you’ll understand, without your string I can safely land. So take a deep breath.

{au Refrain}

It’s not about love, good time or friendship. It’s what feels right, fast logic and instinct. Nothing to prove, no one to blame. Letting go of this illusion of fame.

{au Refrain}