- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Prime »
Bastian Baker

Collect my thoughts, and while I wait
I’m in between depression ‘n dream
Don’t lose control keep up the fight
this is all I think about.
Never thought I’d end up here.
Now I know.

To live the things you want to Live
It’s no surprise to pay the price
I wanted music they gave me fame.
I shook my ass 6 Saturdays.
They gave me one more reason to be on stage.

But I come from a little town
Respect and love are all around
I found a world where nothing’s real.
They rule it but they’ll disappear
Disposable I’m nothing new, another one next year

Starting to forgive the bad
The atmosphere that drove me mad
On to love and off of hate
So come on home I just can’t wait
We’ll pour the wine and sing along all night long

Could be good, could be bad.
Could not have happened
Don’t be sad.