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Les paroles de la chanson
« Prologue - the discovery »
Black Messiah

There was a time when the world was young and no man had ever trodden the face of the earth, whence it happened that Odin, foremost und mightiest of the Æsir dynasty, rode across the vast plains of Æsgaard to feast his very eyes upon his realm.
His gaze fell upon meadows green, vast and dense forests, rivers and streams abundant of fish and mighty whose snow-covered peaks reached far into the endless sky.

After he had ridden for seven days, his gaze fell upon a city stretching far upon the eastern horizon, never before he had seen this city nor had he deemed it’s existence to be possible, as the only dynasty supposed of making their home in Æsgaard was the one of the Æsir.

Odin rode closer and took cover behind an ancient oak tree. He called upon his ravens Hugin and Minin, to be his eyes and ears, and sent them forth to scry upon the miracles which might hide beneath the city walls. He saw figures of men, looking seemingly alike to his own peaople and he also saw the miracles they were able to work. One he saw, was using just the powers of his spirit to grow trees in his garden and he saw another using his will to call sparkling water frm the plkain earth to cultivate his fields.
And Odin heard how they spoke to each other. Thus he became aware of their name. They called themselves "Vanir"

For three days and three nights his ravens stayed in the city of Vanir and for three days and three nights he remained hidden behind the ancient oak tree. Then, when he decided to have seen and heard enough, he summoned back his messengers and turned away from Vanaheim.
Hastily he rode back towards the sacred halls of Valhalla to give account of his discovery...
To give account of the terrible threat rising in the east!