- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Queen for a day »
Shola Ama

Hey yeah, oh yeah

I will take all you have to give me
I will give all you can take
Boy it’s gotta be me
Cos you’re all I see
In my heart you’ll never fade

Cos your star shines so brightly
And it’s stronger every day
You’re so far away
But close to me
In your world is where I wanna be
Like a dream
You’re my own fantasy
You’re a king in the castle to me

Boy I don’t think you
Even know me
And I don’t think you care
Where I’m from, no, no
But I know I could love you
If I could just show you
Baby I’d be the one

(Repeat chorus...)

I will be here tomorrow
I will be here today
Everywhere you go I’ll follow
Cos you know I love you

Baby you’re so far away
There’s so many things
I want to say
You’re so far away
If I could just be your
Queen for a day

(Repeat chorus x 2)

There’s so many things
I want to say
If I could just be your
Your Queen for a day