- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Regret »
Bow Wow

I can’t lie man There some stuff I regret Like
letting down my fans And cheating on my ex Right
But I’m young So What Yeah I’m gon make mistakes
And besides Nobody erfect n e fuckin way
ha, I swear to God The press be all on me
Oscar Meyer bloggers Everything they write in baloney
And why it feel like I got the whole world on me
Got all the money in the world But yet I’m still lonely
And why in the fuck my best friend Had to steal from me Couldn’t keep it real So for that I had to leave Sony
Some time I want to quit rap Like I’m through wit it
Why I don’t get my respect? And why they still act like I’m new to this? They hate cuz I fly Should of came with a stewartest When I did that show wit Omarion I was losing it I’m on BET acting a asshole Fighting wit the interviewers Why I do that for? I can’t lie I was drugged out Sippin syrup Smoking weed Shit had me bugged out Even Jermaine didn’t know who I was He know me best He been around me since day one And are relation Ship homie never changed You can ask him I’m still Mr. Money ain’t thing Got homies back at home Talking bout he done changed Lil arrogant bastard He don’t act the same Who really write his shit? Is it Tip or is it Wayne? Is it Brat or is it Jermaine? Will ya’ll let me do my thing? I don’t even know what the big deal is I’m writing from my soul Man ya’ll nigga got to feel this
[parlé]: Who help me and responsible for Bow Wow Was really Snoop was You know what I mean It wasn’t really anybody else to get back wit was other than JD So we made it happen We put egos to the side We called each other Got in the studio And from that day it was on This my last album becease For me There’s no more to be done on the music side I’ve done everything Like I said I’ve done everything from And the scary thing is that I’m 22 years old From the music side I’ve been doing it since I was 5 17 years... suite