- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Sadness »

my voice
calling you in the night with an aching cry
the light of the moon whispers secrets and soon a heart will die
i am inside
from me you can´t hide, i´m mother and child
a shadow of love, a shadow of death, a changing face

i am your sadness - i am raining
i am your sadness - i am rain
i´m your sadness
i´m the rain in the dark
the pain in your heart
the tears in your heart i am rain

i want you to suffer, i want you to creep
i hurt so deep
your eyes - just a sore
and the dead on the shore won´t cry no more
your sail will be torn by my dark thunderstorm
i whisper cold
the voice of the rain dropping secrets again
a tremendous wave