- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Second go »

How many times will the clock go around
How many times can my hands hit the ground
How many coffins before theres a crown
How far will I fall til the alarm sounds

How come you love me when I am ugly
Guess I can only hope

Give me a second go,
Dont let me go alone
You saw me at the worst,
You caught me falling first
All I wanted to know,
Give me a second go

No matter the weather theres never a break
Conquer a ladder then slip on a snake
Cried til my river turned into a lake
And Im wondering now before its too late

How come you save me when I am angry
Reasons Ill never know


One to five Im half alive, six to nine Im out of line
Ten to twelve Im not myself, by the millionth time
I cry.