- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Sending you a letter »
Sébastien Lefebvre

Uhhhh.. Uhhh.. Uhhhh..

Hello my friend,
It’s been a while
But I thought about you
The day of all days
There was nobody home
And I found in the box
Just a picture of us
From that time when we went out

You got so drunk
And now it’s no better
Just talking to strangers
making up stories
about what we did
Sayin’ everything
That came to mind
I tell you we were fine

Where are you
my friend?
Where are you?

Hello again,
I just remembered
Something I should have said
The last time we’ve talked
On the phone
In the dark,
when I sat alone
Cause my life was for one
And I had the time
But you were with me
Dead I was free
Cause counting was long
It all did not matter
But back to the start
I’m sorry we’re here

The way that we’ve traveled
and all that we’ve left behind

Where are you
my friend?
Where are you?

But I did my best
With all that I had
Put right in front of me
You know it’s not easy
To deal with you now
I feel we’re not the same
So you can be you
And I can just carry on
I can just carry on

Where are you,
my friend?
Where are you?

where are you
my friend?
where are you?