- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Sex room »

Ha, welcome to my little sanctuary
You been lookin so good, all day
& you really got a nigga pretty anxious ba-BY
Betta call your boss tell ’em that your daddy’s home
Take a couple days off & take it off
& leave nothing but ya tshirt & ya panties on
feelin high but im hung real low
lookin sorta like a tri..pod
so power down yo
& power up your i...pod
power down your inhibitions,
& power up your inner freak
"yes! (shit!) fuck!"
is the only words that you finna speak
its about to get real x-rated
can you handle what im ’bout to do?
but enough about me, lemme think
should i be worryin about if i can handle you?
damn right imma get that thang
& imma put my name on it
all night imma whip dat thang
allstate betta put a claim on it
i claim my territory,
my tounge finna mark you up
you could be my firecracker,
my tongue finna spark you up
get ready for blastoff,
waterfalls gon’ splash off
you might lose around 4 or 5 pounds
so get ready to sweatcho ass off

Welcome to my sex room! Where your body meets my body
its our private afterparty if you want it girl i got it in my sex room! Candles and a pole, sets your body to your soul. From the bed down to the floor. Sex room! Mirrors in the headboard, even got a camcorder. Baby wont you dance in the sex room? Where your body meets my body its our private afterparty if you want it girl i got it in my sex room!

Let the candles burn
imma turn these lights DOWN
& when ya body gets hot
it’ll get you licked up and iced DOWN
nipples hard as rocks
lips as soft as cotton
you the apple of my eye
& i got you spoiled rotten!
imma get my video camera
lets make a movie baby
you the star so as soon as i press record
you gots ta do me baby!
you could stare all in the mirror
take a peek at how good you lookin
imma have yo body smokin
take a look at what luda’s cookin
my arm underneath yo leg
legs all behind ya head is how i gots ta getcha!
right hand left hand on red in the bed
like we’ve been playin twister
now i got you tangled up
& you caught all in my web
should i let you loose? nah
i think ill get the blindfold instead
you better get a couple towels baby
’cause we about to slip and slide
you dont never need a horse or a saddle
imma give you this dick to ride
imma grant your every wish
& fulfill your fantasy!
aint nobody else allowed in the sex room
its only you and me


Listen to what your body say! We can do it every other kinda way. Hit it in the sun up in the shade. Tell me what it is i gotcha babe! Baby lets hop up in the shower, baby let me snatch up off that towel, let me get a vowel. I-O-U. so I-E-U mean i eat you. (my sex) come into this room, you know what imma do. grab my body tight dont let me go! how you wanna ride just let me know! in my sex room, all that i wanted! legs in the air, witcha toes pointed! so baby welcome to my sex room!


(i got it right my sex room)