- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Shotgun divorce »

Early morning, she was already up
The plants were watered, her bags were packed
Without warning she gave him a slug
Now her husband’s slaughtered
with a 12 gauge whack

Stranglehold of fear - It still won’t disappear
It’s growing stronger - And still he’s watching her
Again she’s leaving home - Again she’s all alone
Again she knows exactly what to do
Like with the others before

This time around, yeah it’s kinda final
Ride ’till you fall
Then the shotgun divorce
It’s her way out and she can’t deny
She loves to kill and she kills for love

Autumn leaves keep falling on the ground
Someday she knows that they will try to hunt her down
Plain revulsion, no love can be found
After all is said and done there is no rebound

Now she’s living scared
Even though she cared
He is gone
His head blown off