- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Sinner in a sin »
Bo Bice

Sometimes it’s hard to know
If you’re going or if you’re gone
So you dodge from right to left
Never knowing which way is wrong
You’re holding strong to all you know
And slipping fast until you fall

You’re like a sinner in a sin
Never losing and never win
And I’m a poet without a pen
I’ve always been and I’d do it again

Going to paint the town tonight
And use colors green and amber
Like a painter without a brush
I have a picture of a face to capture
And it’s the chaos I understand
It’s the calmness in my brand... *


One day I’m going to wake
And I know that the sun is going to shine
Keeps on shinin’ now
I know that the clouds, they’re going to part, yes
And I know its rays, they will find me
Keeps on shinin’ now

You might say that I’ll be turned down
Just so you’ll always know
There’s not a grain that’s worth reaping
If you’re seeking gold