- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Skullcrusher »

Over the edge, now you’ve pushed me over the edge

Fear is the enemy, the destroyer of my fate
The one that rips my destiny
And strangles me with hate
I control my future, fight the negatives
Inside my head I wage a war to die or to live

Killing me with misery
Smashing all your hopes and dreams
Empty promises, broken lives
In this world everything must die

I push through the pain,
The only remedy
There is no other alternative
The pain is killing me
Action must be taken
Inflicted misery
The harder it is, the harder I fight
To die or to be free

Blood red blinds my eyes
Adrenaline takes my breath
My hate like gasoline
Revenge like crystal death
Knocked down,
Always get back up
Take life by the balls - And never ever give up
The strong survive,
The weak will die
King of all kings
I’m still alive.