- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« So good »
Say Anything

I have this sketchy past
Yet I have she’d my wings
Cold turkey now
Hanging by a heartstring
Dangle over her
Above a pulsing bar
She tries to catch my eye
Her gaze is deafening
What do you call a lass
Conservatively dressed
With the glimmer in her eye
That screams I’m next
I am the greezy chump
With whome shell fall in love
If I’m her fall from grace
Then she’s my christening

You look so good tonight
You look so good tonight
Breath down those walls tonight
You look so good tonight
And when were good and close
I think I’ll steal your time
They can shoot on sight but it’s alright
You look so good tonight
You look so good tonight
I don’t care
Which profit you adore
Or who you voted for
It wont discourage loves
Sick former man-whore
And your skin against my own
I’ll be your olly stone
You’ll be my audrey hep
You can have what is left
And well combine to be
Somekind of japanese
Mecha creation
With two fused persuasions yea
And well destroy the earth
And herald it’s rebirth
As somewhere where someone
Like you will hit on me

This could produce a meltdown
But I tihnk were doing fine
We can tear and break the maps apart
Shatter all there lines
With the universe
That is not comes
To kill our love and trust
I only want your soul to know
Feel so good with us
Feel so good with us
And it’s alright