- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Some people »
The Hives

So what, so what if I was wrong
I said you can’t get me cause I’m far too strong
That’s when he hit me and said that’s not how it’s gonna be
Then he emptied all my pockets as he emptied me
So pick me up, take me in, got to get away from him
Take me in, take my side, cause I really got to hide
Cause if you don’t then I’m through cause no one knows what he might do
Take me in or lock me up cause these beatings got to top
I think I just ate too much

I thought I was through I was lonely and frightened didn’t know what to do
He was about to hit me, ready to bust out all my teeth
If you get a cold it will only be so much easier to breathe

So pick me up, take me in, got to get away from him
Got a cold, got to teeth and it sure is eaier to breathe
Still I don’t like him, not one bit cause he’s still doing that same old shit
Beating me up, bringing me down although I wish it was the other way around

You picked me up, took me in, so that I could get away from him
Now how the future looks for me that’s what I’m about to see
But what I’ve learned from all of this is how it sets around my waist
How bad it was and still is and of course how bad it tastes
I think I just ate too much