- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Sometimes i make you sad »

Shut out the world, you can do it,
Then let me climb inside,
There’s only one way you can do it,
Just let your mind unwind,

So to the world I say "Hello!",
But the people don’t care,
There’s nothing out there,

Once there was a boy,
Spent days all alone,
In a rowing boat,
Living in Rome,
Set sail for the sea,
Get back on this song,
Get back on.

Young love we’ll have to through it,
Sometimes I make you sad,
Stamp out the beat so you can do it,
It’s like the world we share,

And when the curtain falls on you,
The people don’t care,
’Cos nothing out there,

La, la la la la la-------

And not a word I’ve said is true,
But the people don’t care,
’Cos there’s nothing out there,
Don’t you know!