- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Stand up »
Street Dogs

Loser, some times I feel, but I know it’s not real
I’ve told myself this a million times before
Time and time again, I try to see things ’til the end
But sometimes something seems to hold me right back to the ground

Over and over again, I think of what it could have been
If I had kept my head on straight and out of the clouds
This feeling inside of me, nowhere left to hide
It’s like a bomb waiting to explode inside of me

You’ve got to stand up for yourself
Don’t rely on no one else
Only you know where you stand in life
Go after your dreams
It’s easier than it seems
Only you know where you stand in life

Take some time to figure out just what it’s all about
And keep on holding on to what’s dear to you
I think that in the end what it comes to my friend
Is to enjoy life and to keep on holding on and on