- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Star »
Street Dogs

I can’t stop these visions in my head
When I wake up in the morning and I get out of bed
When the revelry is calling me and I don’t want to rise
I roll around and write it down and then to my surprise

I don’t want you to see things troubling me
And I don’t want you to see things troubling you

How can I turn away my
Hopes and dreams so fast I
I cannot help but thing that
My time won’t last
How am I going to make my mark?
When am I going to get my star?
When will the success ship come into port
And go and dock?

I have another idea that’s keeping me alive
A story that intertwines positivity and drive
It’s the simplest things and it’s all to real
Like rock and roll and sell your soul and how I feel