- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Start it today »
Sebastian Sturm

The world is full of people
Who seem to have their eyes closed
They run around at such a speed
And sometimes they pass like ghosts

And then there are the lonely ones
That long for love and friendship
But hide away behind TV-sets
And don’t even realize it

You will pass me and I will pass you
Isn’t it a shame
That we will never know each other

Why so many people are so scared
Of meeting each other and opening their eyes
I will never understand
And if you ask, they’ll tell you lies

It could be so easy
We could have such a good time together
If we just opened our minds and tried
To understand each other better

You will pass me...

Just a little good will might help
Just a little more sympathy might do the job
Don’t you think?
What if we start it today (repeat)
Start it today! (repeat)