- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« State of the art »

When the Cotillion arrived
We threw out the television
Model D575
Has custom flute presets
And Harmony-Plus in addition

Now for an arm and a leg
We get three half-dozen beats to choose from
So now we can pretend
That there’s an orchestra in the loungeroom

I put the Genie Bass on
So my left hand can play the choir
With 16ft Diapason
And Lowrey’s patented Orchestral Symphonizer

Banjo’s great on repeat
The kids want to play but they’ll have to be patient
The wife can’t help tapping her feet
It’s a genuine home entertainment revelation

State of the art
(Hold the phone, it’s so)
State of the art
(Listen to the difference)

State of the art
(By use of a computer)
(Oh my God, it’s so)
State of the art

Now we don’t want to go out
When we could spend the night at home with the Cotillion
Invite the neighbors around
Start the bossanova beat and limbo from the living to the kitchen

Enjoy the state of the art
The Magic Swing Piano really is astounding
Now we can’t tell them apart
But these amazing simulations end up sounding even better than the real thing

State of the art
(Hold the phone, it’s so)
State of the art
(Computer controlled tone color)
State of the art
(The marriage of music to computers is quite natural)
(Oh my god, it’s so)
State of the art
(It’s time to hear the results)

(Hold the phone, it’s so)
(Oh my god, it’s so)