- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Stormy rivers »

Everything you have ever dreamed of
Has begun to fade to black
With nothing to lose you ask yourself:
Where to go now to get it back?
Everything you had ever lived for
Black rivers wash it all away
Send the tide on the rising waters
Say a prayer for your last day
Stormy clouds over the sea
You will never hide away from me
Pandora gave us keys for tears
But there’ll be nothing left to fear
Stormy clouds over the sea
The more that you try to resist the tide
The more it pulls you in...before
Your lonely world collides
Like a storm that’s never ending
All the shadows will survive
There were nights of endless pleasures all your stolen dreams
We are like storm that brings you heaven
Every passion and desire
Finish crying now or never
...the sea is whipping the sky
Between good and evil, stormy waters catch your breath
Take your heart with cristal fingers