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Soulja Boy

Im in the booth with marijuana eyes,
uh soulja boy tellem, uh

I love females who like to wear their toes out,
call me a fire hydrants, i like to bring them hoes out,
I got a lot of people want whats hanging from neck
call me what you want, just don’t call me collect,
tell me whats the deal, what to do with this beef sh-t,
say f-ck me on youtube and when you see me you didn’t do sh-t,
i don’t believe you rappers, who you kidding dog,
save your lame game for your muthaf-cking memory cards,

[Trey Songz- Chorus]
I want the money,
Money and the cars,
Cars and the clothes,
The hoes,
I suppose,
I just wanna be,
I just wanna be successful.
I just wanna be,
I just wanna be successful.
I just wanna be,
I just wanna be successful

Hip hop is like school yeah I had to learn it,
beef is like a blank disc yeah i had to burn it,
they finally showing me respect but I had to earn it,
I’m heading to the finish line ain’t got no time for u-turns,
today i realised I am not perfect, everything I did to get here wasn’t really worth it, why won’t they just let me be great,
you fall down seven times you stand up eight,
realise true happiness lies inside of you,
everyday give yourself a mental shampoo,
the birds sing after the muth fu-cking storm gone,
if you want to sing, you can always sing this song,
turn my swag on is my theme song,
[lyrics courtesy if]
theres a 95% chance that it used to be your ringtone,
i got swiss in the cheese but I don’t yodel,
heart tatted in my neck they love my vocal’s,

[Trey Songz- Chorus]

As I sit back and spit this crack,
I leak it on the internet and watch my haters react,
Fifty said they can’t read between the lines,
so I jab uppercut punch line after punch line,
know your thinking damn Soulja going hard right now,
and I’m thinking damn, this is just a star right now,
[lyrics courtesy if]
soulja boy is gone on the renegade,
if life give you lemons make lemonade,

[Trey Songz- Chorus]

[Soulja Boy talking]
no one person on this earth can change their past,
but every single person on this earth can start today and change their future,
[lyrics courtesy if]
thats real sh-t,
souljah boy tellem,
all my DJ’s play this sh-t back to back,

[Trey Songz- Chorus]
[Lil Wayne Verse]