- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Sun's delusion »

Descending through thickened mist
An old man reached inside and tore out my slumber
Ivory twists an open claw
Set upon the skulls of man

Formative years aside
Truth blanched in sun’s delusion
But providence affirmed
Destroyed my aberration
Mortal seeds in divine
Gave grief into life’s form

And so curved the spine
Obeisance made before him
Blessed in life but truly cursed by death
Bitter choice befalls you
Glory, lord of men, asks but pain

Master’s stone was weaved
Compelled before the throne
Then war came, a semblance of her
Lands unite and he prospers

Grand signs assail me
Temptation yields assent
As irons carve the sand
A ruse brings fate upon him
Anguished price for laurels
Veins burnt by hatred,
In premonitions menis consumed me

Unsanctified, I cared nothing for their ways
Yet a father’s plea dragged mercy from me

Now, demi-god, echo in eternity
A toxic toll pierces the flaw
On reflection, there was never any choice