- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Surfer girl »
Home Grown

I was at the beach, sitting on the sand
When I saw this girl
Dark brown eyes, and a dark olive tan
She was watching the sets
With a surfboard underneath her arm
The first moment I saw her I knew she’d do me some harm

She’s so good
She came out of the water
From the best session I’d seen
Man, she had the biggest chi chis I had ever seen
She put down her board, and sat down next to me
And played a soft ole lonely tune, on her ukulele
I don’t know what had happened But I’d fallen asleep
The next morning I woke up
She was sleeping next to me

I fell in love with her
I’m so in love with her
I fell in love with her
My little Surfer Girl

She got out of bed
Waxed up both our boards
Grabbed me by the hand and then she took me out the door
We surfed all that day long
At least eight hours straight
Man! I knew she was the one
And damn I couldn’t wait
Well I asked if she loved me
She said, "Yeah well I guess"
So I asked her to marry me
Dammit, you know she said "yes"

{repeat Chorus}

I was at the alter
In my tuxedo-o-o
Waiting for my Surfer Girl
Man, where did she go
Later on that day
A friend to me did tell-ell-ell
That she went to Mexico
To catch a, to Catch a, to catch a 10 foot swell
That Bitch

{repeat Chorus}

My Surfer Girl