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Les paroles de la chanson
« Surrender to me »
Lara Fabian

Is it that we’ve been together
Much too long?
The answer may not be in black and white
We’re always trying to prove
Who’s right or wrong
And now we’re giving up without a fight
I know when you’re gone
I wish I’d held on

So baby surrender to me
They’ll be no holding back now
So baby surrender to me

I don’t want our love
To cause you so much pain
If this is how it’s gonna be I’ll walk away
Oh, neither of us
Should ever say goodbye
Let’s forget about the past and who’s to blame
Cause when this is all gone
We’ll wish we’d held on

{au Refrain}

How could this love be in danger
That used to be so good, so right
To think that fate could make us strangers
Just hold me in your arms tonight

{au Refrain}