- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Take me away »
Gabrielle Aplin

Take me away
From the demons in my brain
Take me out into the world
Take me out into the day and let me find
My piece of mind

I was alone
I was taken with the tide
But I knew that I was home
When I looked into your eyes
And said I’m done
Just let me go

I am hollow
I am numb
I am staring down the barrel of this gun

I am always by myself
In a sea of self infliction
That I felt

My life is a line
Burning faster every time
Happy’s just a dead end street
I must turn around and leave
Once in a while
Once in a while

I bear far more cracks
Than the human eye can see
Is it fair to be perplexed
And try explain what’s underneath
With my success
Cause there’s nothing’s left

I am tortured
by myself
I am haunted by
The fear of someone else

I am fading
I’m a ghost
Disconnected from the ones
I love the most

You’ve seen my best
Turn to the worst
I’ve dragged you
Right down with me

Want to confess
But with the stress
I’m scared you’d leave me

I want you to know
But you can’t take it on your own