- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Tear me down »

You wear a cheap disguise
Your only vice until the end
Don’t have an alibi
You never try you just condemn
You pressure everything
You never bring, you take away
I can no longer breathe
You’ve taken me and everything too

Far, to me it’s so disgusting
Wrong, I’ll push myself away
Far, my sanity is rusting
Wrong, I look the other way

This is a war I can’t fight
I can’t let you tear me down
I will ignore all these lies
You will never tear me down

I sit and contemplate
How you sedate what’s in my head
I will not instigate
Or emulate I won’t pretend
You’ll never understand
You just demand to get your way
How all of this began
I never ran and now it’s gone too

Never tear me down