- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« Teaser »
Sacred Rite

She’s got a lot on her mind, she’s not wastin’ time, she knows what she’s gotta have
Well, I can feel the fire in her desire, she knows I’m her kind of man
So look out, baby, ’cause here we go, there ain’t no turnin’ back
I got a one-way ticket to paradise, oh, you know it ain’t that bad

Teaser! I just can’t please her
Teaser! Watch her tease and get on your knees
Teaser! I just can’t please her

I’m talkin’ my way down to the ’prize’, she’s diggin’ it all the way
I’m gettin’ real close, "Baby, you’re the most" is what she had to say
"Well maybe next time you’ll get some more than what you got tonight"
I said, "Come on, darlin’, you mean that’s it? Baby, no, that just ain’t right!"

I’m makin’ my move, lookin’ for the groove, and I’m waitin’ for the call
On the side, she glanced at my pride and said, "Baby that’s just too small"
I said, "Look here, bitch, I’m here to rock, don’t wanna take no shit"
She said, "If that’s the way you want it, then that’s all you’re gonna get"