- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« The battle of asgaard »
Black Messiah

In a dark and rainy night
Two armies stand by resolutely
Ready for a fight
To seal all the worlds destiny

Armed with sword and shield
Wearing helmets, chain mails, cuirasses
an a battlefield
At the gates of Odins sacred fortress

Here on this ground, with history in making
The fate of the world will be determined
Now the time has come for a war of death and honour
Fight and stay as one for a great and glorious victory

At the begin as the horns call for war and the battlecries clang in the sky
Odin throws his spear fast and hard and the first Vanir has to die
Thousand of men clash together in rage, the conclusion of Gullveig’s lie

Blood spills over mens face
Gods kill, Gods die

Njörd gives the command to use magic spells to destroy the Æsir host
Thor and the valkyries are fighting in hatred just like the other gods
A bloody battle is roaring but Valhalla is not yet lost

Blood spills over mens face
Gods kill, Gods die