- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« The chase »
Black Messiah

Valhalla was close to fall. The Venir use of magic nearly threw Odin’s host off, but with their very last effort the Æsir could withstand the storm and repel the hostile army. As the Vanir felt that their march on Æsirs’ stronghold would not be crowned with success, they disheartendly began to retreat.
Now it was the Æsirs’ time to chase the Vanir back to their home. Driven by their thirst for revenge. Thor and Tyr lead the Æsirs’ rush on their horses chasing after Njörd and his brothers and come to stop on the top of a small mountain providing a perfect view over Vanaheim.

"Look, Brother. Down their in the valley …
this must be Vanaheim"

"This is supposed to be Vanaheim? …
Let’s burn it to the ground!"