- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« The color of love »
Boyz II Men

I was lonely
I needed someone, to see me threw
I was at the, end of my rope
I needed someone, to cut me lose
Then an angel, out of the blue
Gave me the since that I, might make it through
And somehow I survived, with no rhyme or reason
And now I know I’ll make it
Through the miracle of you

I know the color of love
(And it lives in side of you)
I know the color of truth
(It’s in the image of you)
If it comes for the heart, then you know that it’s true
It will color your soul, like a rainbow
(Like a rainbow)
And the color of love, is in you

Like a bridge
Over troubled, troubled water
You stood beside me, stood beside me
And your love, did not falter
And then the angel, angel in you
Gave me the strength to know
That I will get through
And that’s how I survived, ain’t no other reason
And now I know I’ll make it, through the miracle of you

{au Refrain}

So girl I want to thank you
I can’t thank you enough
For showing me the meaning
The meaning of true love

When I was lost and so in need you opened up your heart
When I needed you to comfort me you opened up you arms
I couldn’t face another day you said don’t be afraid
You showed my heart the, showed me the way

{au Refrain}

Ohh, the color of you