- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« The fool and the king »

I touched your skin but not your heart....

I am the fool and you’r my king
you wear the crown, i dance and sing
amuse the beauty in your court

How can the fool become your precious queen
when words and kisses mean nothing
i touched your skin but not your heart

my love is one of houndet hungry pleas
you deal with her as if she’s just disease
and offer me kindly just rotten peace
lovers whine for singns on their knees

i touched your skin but not your heart
loughing till laughter sounds absurd
till smiling starts to hurt

under debris lies our past
bury the memories, nothing lasts
beside our names carved into stone

i was a fool conduced to your joy till
your unrest found another thrill
i lost my dream, you lost your throne

virtually the world lies at your feet
nothing can supply your sateless need
noone may ever stir your dull heartstrings
can hear the dirge they sing so cruel and endless

i touched your skin but not your heart...