- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« The house without a name »

See how the day dies
With the sunset
It touches your hair
And it paints it blood red

Please don’t you leave me
I begged and I prayed
You stole my heart
And you left me anyway

Your eyes milky white
They shine in the night
I laid my head gently
down by your side

I, dare not to breathe
Oh no I won’t make a sound
Your stench intoxicates me
’til my mind spins round and round

I found a house that’s foretold of
Abandoned in the woods
And it’s shaking me down
To my core

You come life as we go there
You might not be so good
But I miss you so much
I don’t care anymore

I found a house that’s foretold of,
Abandoned in the woods
You come to life as we go there,
You might not be so good

I had to pick it back
Carried you inside
You looked like something evil
As the house give you life

With graveside flowers
You made a crown for me
I feel like a junkie
I breathe you in deep

A madman’s inventions
I was sheltered
But I believed you’d always be with me

I had the visions
Your gouged out my eyes
The crown made of flowers
Will wither grey and die

[Chorus x3]