- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« The last dance »

it’s to late to cry for lost love...

once you sent me paper roses
they began to cry enquiring why
they had to hide
why to young love had to die
before we tried

i was afraid that a sharp tounge
killled tender love, so the roses just bloomed in shade
flowers need sun
rescue undone
what i loved to save lies in a cold grave

now it’s to late to create resurrection
words, never said, never heard, sound too absurd

it’s to late to cry for lost love
she was too young
she died unsung

please forgive my silent good-bye
maybe it was wrong to be for so long still and silent
i regret we missest he chance
give me one last dance

why did you let me break you heart into pieces
a splint of this pain sticks in my veins too.

it’s to late...

had to leave you, though i loved you
to love you was like taboo
i loved you

it’s to late...