- Chercher

Les paroles de la chanson
« There is no i in team »
Stick To Your Guns

Let this be known this is our cleansing..
This is time for unity..
This is time to break the distance set between you and me..
This is ours for the taking..
And we’ve taken a turn for the worst..
Everything we take for granted..
All these seeds of hate we’ve planted..
Its time for the soil to be cleansed..
We must change our ways if we want to amend..
And I want nothing more then for these bounds to be finally set free..
And for us to take the first stride towards a positive way of life..
And this brotherhood has been misunderstood for something other than integrity..
And I refuse to sit back and lose my friends to this loss of dignity..
There is no I in team.. break these chains that bind us all..
Rise above the apathy within us all